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The Hampton Roads Chapter of ASMC is accepting nominations until 04 January 2017  for individual and group awards for accomplishments during calendar year 2016.

Hampton Roads Chapter Awards Committee Chair – Cynthia Williamson

For information and to submit nominations sent to: cynthia.williamson@us.af.mil or 757-225-1880


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asmcindividualaward_nomination    asmcteamachievementaward

Accounting and Finance – Management of the accounting program, including planning and directing the operation and adapting the program to best serve management’s needs. Day to day accounting responsibilities include the maintenance of control and subsidiary accounting records in accordance with the agency’s accounting principles and standards, payment and recording of civilian/military payrolls, processing vouchers and fiscal reporting.

Analysis/Evaluation – Economic analysis, management analysis, cost/price analysis and program evaluations are included in this category. Cost/benefit analysis, quantitative analysis to include the application of statistical techniques to contemporary programs, analysis policy, programs, special studies, etc.

Auditing – Providing management and interested parties a competent and independent appraisal of the results of financial operations and other such matters.

Budgeting – Formulation, justification, execution and innumerable facets contained within these areas, to include consulting, analysis and technical advice as well as hand-on preparation or supervisory responsibilities in the budget process.

Comptroller/Deputy Comptroller – Comptroller responsibilities extend throughout the total management cycle. Has primary staff responsibility for obtaining, administratively controlling and accounting for funds needed to secure required resources.

Education/Training/Career Development – Ability to develop, promote and execute a realistic and effective program so as to support the development and advancement of the profession of military comptrollership. I

Intern/Trainee – Recognize an outstanding individual who has been in a trainee program for a minimum of 6 months and who has significantly contributed in one of the fields of comptrollership.

Resource Management – Recognize outstanding performance by an individual who works in financial management. Recognize superior service at functions that do not fit into the other categories.

Team Achievement Award Winner – Recognize a team for outstanding accomplishment within or across any of the functional fields of comptrollership.

Corporate Member – Outstanding contributions made to a local Chapter in the furtherance of the goals of the chapter and the Society.

Chapter Leadership – Recognize individuals for outstanding continuous leadership, accomplishment and support of the society at the chapter level.


 Awards were presented this past June at the Hampton Roads Chapter Awards, Recognition, and Transition Luncheon.  Congratulations to our winners.

Indivdual AwardsTeam AwardIndivdual AwardScholarship AwardAward Luncheon

Please congratulate our 2016 Individual and Team award winners!

–      Accounting/Finance:   Angela D. Brown

–      Analysis and Evaluation:  Betsy Felt

–      Auditing:  Jodi M. Phillips

–      Budgeting: Tina Svaranowic

–      Comptroller/Deputy Comptroller:  CDR Sheldon Jenkins

–      Education/Training:  Carolyn M Prickett

–      Resource Management:  Debbie Eatmon

–      Team Award: Internal Review Audit Readiness Team— George E. Morrison, Deanna L. Morinec, Amanda N. Pauls, Melissa J. Spiess, Christine A. Kalatzis

Meritorious Comptroller/Deputy Comptroller:  Paul S. Hinton


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