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ASMC is the non-profit educational and professional organization for persons, military and civilian, involved in the overall field of military comptrollership. ASMC promotes the education and training of its members, and supports the development and advancement of the profession of military comptrollership. The society sponsors research, provides professional programs to keep members abreast of current issues, and encourages the exchange of techniques and approaches.

Certified Defense Financial Management (CDFM) Program

The CDFM Program is administered by the ASMC National Headquarters. Follow the link below for additional information concerning program enrollment, training, and testing.

CDFM Program information…

CDFM Reimbursement

Upon completion of your CDFM certification, civilians will be allowed to obtain CDFM reimbursement for only one of each test.  The first attachment discusses the Policy on Reimbursement of Expenses to Obtain and Maintain Professional Credentials, paragraph 4.   Reimbursement of certification/licensing expenses will be:

  • Subject to the availability of funds
  • Made on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Limited, where a certifying/licensing authority charges a higher amount to non-members, to the amount charged to members.

The second attachment is the SF 1164 that must be filled out and submitted electronically to the “SAF/FMPW Certifications” inbox which can be found in the DoD global address list.   The complete email address is af.fmpw.cert@pentagon.af.mil.

Submit the completed and typed SF 1164, a receipt for each item claimed, and proof of issuance of certification/license.

Congratulations to all the members of our local chapter who have received their certification!  View a list of chapter members who have received their CDFM.

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