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ASMC May 2019 Luncheon Training

Topic: “Reframe – Control How You React”

Presenter: Ms. Constance Omo, Master Resiliency Trainer


ASMC Feb 2019 Luncheon Training

Topic: Fiscal Law Overview

Presenter: Karl Ellcessor, HQ TRADOC Chief, Contract & Fiscal Law

Feb2019Luncheon1   Feb2019Luncheon2


ASMC Dec 2018 Luncheon Training

Topic: Cyber Mission

Presenter: Col Thomas Bodnar, Chief, Cyber Systems Division A5K



ASMC Nov 2018 Luncheon Training

Topic: Best Practices in Leading Organizational Change Management

Presenter: CAPT Yarosh, Commanding Officer, USCG Finance Center

Nov2018Luncheon1   Nov2018Luncheon2


ASMC October 2018 Luncheon Training

Topic: Experiences with the Human Capital Joint Planning Group, a DoD effort to create communication between all services.

Presenter: Mr. Craig EmersonDirector, Human Capital Audits, U.S. Army Audit Agency



ASMC September 2018 Luncheon Training

Topic: Budgetary Reform issues including RWOs, CNIC/NAVFAC Merger,
STARS to SABRS transition, and Navy ERP Transitions

Presenter: Dr. Robin Farley, Director, Transformational Programs, OASN
(FM&C), FMP-4

Sep2018Luncheon2   Sep2018Luncheon1


ASMC August 2018 Luncheon Training

Presenter: Mr. Timothy Applegate, SES, Director, Acquisition Management &
Integration Center


ASMC July 2018 Luncheon Training

Presentation (PowerPoint): USCG Property Remediation: Lessons Learned and Remaining Issues
Presenter: Mr. John Melchers, Deputy Director, USCG Finance Center

IMG_1983   IMG_1978


2016 mini professional development training event.  Looks like we had outstanding participation and great speakers. Did you miss a presentation, or want to learn more?  Visit this link for a recap.  http://www.agavapen.org/spring-pdt-2016.html

The EDFM module 1.1 is now available online for personal or chapter training.  Did you know that EDFMT training can count towards your DoD FM certificate?

For more on professional development, contact your Area Rep

Air Force Area Rep – Karen Heim – karen.heim@us.af.mil

Army Area Rep – Concetta Rendon – concetta.m.rendon.civ@mail.mil
Coast Guard Area Rep – Paula Crawford –Paula.J.Crawford@uscg.mil
Navy Area Rep – Malvin Carroll – carroll_malvin@bah.com

For September 2016 we had Ms. Pamela S. Condino from the USAF speak on seek promotions.


For August 2016, we had Tara Lambert from the USCG Finance Center speak on Professional certifications.   aug-2016-luncheonThe Importance of Certification

In October 2015, we had Clinton McRae from the Norfolk Naval Shipyard speak about situational leadership.

21 October Training

In September 2015, we had Colonel Lester “JR” Weilacher, the Air Combat Command Director of Financial Management and Comptroller

ASMC Brief – 22 Sep 15_Leadership Thoughts

For August we had Mr Runnels, Executive Director of the ASMC.

ASMC Defense Financial Management – Runnels (3)

For April 2014 we had Dawn Cyr, Director of Army’s TRADOC Office of Internal Review and Compliance (IRAC) speak about THE ROLE AND CHALLENGES OF INTERNAL AUDITORS

22 April IRAC Presentation

For November 2014 we were fortunate to learn more about the DoD FM Certification program. In October we received ethics training. A couple of great events, back to back with near record turnouts. We had over 100 attend the November luncheon.


Check out the presentation from our September luncheon, understanding unliquidated obligations.



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  2. […] visit our Professional Development page for training material from previous […]

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