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Position USCG Army Navy Air Force
President LT Adam Stanek
Vice President Audra Lemme
Matthew Thompson
Beth Long Chantele Dow
Secretary Cherryl Sullivan
Treasurer Uliana Isbell
Competition Deanna Morinec
Professional Development David Munden Susie Pugh
Membership Wanda Warren Carolyn Prickett
Scholarships Bill Gay Tanya Gillian
Awards Kevin Brodie Laura Sorensen
Community Service Candace Mianulli
Webmaster Kathy Price
Newsletter/Publicity Tanya Gillian


  1. Stacie Tyson says:

    This is a message regarding scholarship opportunities. I cannot find a current application for students to apply. Thank you

  2. Krystal Casaus says:

    How do I remove my contact information. I have transferred to a new position and am no longer in the Hampton Roads area.

    Thank you.

    • bshanover says:


      I would contact ASMC Nationals to update your information. Chapter membership is managed from ASMC Nationals.

  3. Joe Nizolak says:

    Who can I contact regarding:
    1. The National PDI. My company, Teksouth Corporation will have a hospitality room in the San Francisco room (Marriot World Center) where we will provide one-on-one demonstrations and tutorials of our Desktop Analytics solutions. We’ll show you techniques for using Microsoft Excel & Access in much greater depth than we do in our PDI training sessions.
    2. Providing a speaker for a future monthly luncheon.

    Thank you,
    Joe Nizolak

    • bshanover says:

      Mr Nizolak, the National PDI webpage is located at: http://www.pdi2016.org/ Sponsorship Registration is currently OPEN. If you have not received your email or are new to ASMC’s PDI, please contact pdiexhibits@rhq.com or 702.798.8376.

      The Hampton Roads chapter of ASMC is located in Chesapeake, VA. If interested in presenting at one of our monthly luncheons, you may email us at asmchrc@gmailcom. Please provide a description on what you would look to present and presentation equipment/requirements. One of our Education Committee members will get in touch. If

  4. Joe Nizolak says:

    Thank you for replying. We are already registered for the National PDI. We have been presenting training there for the last several years. I wanted to find a way to let other Hampton Chapter members who are attending the PDI, know we are having a Hospitality Room in the San Francisco room. Our training, which provides CDFM credits, is some of the most well attended at the PDI. We will be providing more in-depth, one-on-one training in our room. I would appreciate it if you would make this information available to the membership.

    thank you,

  5. Adiah says:

    I recently became a ASMC member and I am preparing for my CDFM test, I read in my packet sometimes local chapters offer study sessions and was interested in knowing if there are study sessions for the local chapter here.

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