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ASMC HRC Spring Newsletter

Hi ASMC Hampton Roads members.

Check out the latest news with the attached ASMC Newsletter.

HR ASMC Community Service – HR Foodbank

Good morning,

As mentioned in last month’s State of the Hampton Roads ASMC, we typically have at least five community service events each year.  The ASMC year runs 1 July through 30 June, and so far this year, we have successfully accomplished three impactful events.  COVID has slowed us down a bit but we are ready to get back on track and continue our record of giving generously.  In the absence of a community service chairperson, the Army VP, Ms. Audra Lemme, has stepped up to lead our first of at least two more efforts.  Our goal is to continue to support and make a difference in our local community while following the rules the Governor has put in place during this unique time in our history.

The plan is to bless families throughout the Hampton Roads area by providing needed items to the Hampton Roads Foodbank.  The Hampton Roads Foodbank services 150+ smaller foodbanks in the area.  So how will it work?  A wish list of items needed has been created on Amazon.com.  You will follow the link below to select and pay for items of your choice to be delivered to Ms. Lemme’s home address.  Please complete the gift receipt when prompted.  Ms. Lemme will receive the items, track our combined effort and drop the items off at the foodbank periodically as needed.  Items will be collected now through 6 June.

Amazon.com link (copy and paste to a browser of your choice):



Audra Lemme
108 Judith Circle
Yorktown VA 23693

Our chapter has a rich history in providing outstanding and impactful community support.

Thanks in advance for your support of another worthwhile opportunity to make a difference in an environment where helping and caring for others is needed more than ever!

Proud to be your President and serve with you

Kathy Day

Kathy Day
Chapter President, Hampton Roads ASMC
757-764-3112; DSN 574-3112

ASMC February 2020 LUNCHEON Photos

Greetings ASMC Hampton Roads Chapter,

We would like to thank all who attended the last ASMC Luncheon in February. It was a huge success and we can’t wait to see you at our next networking event, whether it’s virtual or face to face.

Please enjoy these photos.


State of the Hampton Roads ASMC Chapter

American FlagMembers of the Hampton Roads ASMC Chapter,

I’m writing to you today to provide the state of our chapter as we navigate the COVID-19 environment currently wreaking havoc on our normal day-to-day activities.  Our chapter is guided by two overarching tenets:  providing comptroller professional development opportunities and making a difference in our community through community service events.  I will discuss each of these briefly.

With regard to professional development, both our local and national professional development events have been canceled at this time.  That said, we were just a couple of weeks away from our local event when the decision was made to cancel.  Up to that point, significant planning activities had already occurred.  Our professional development PDT lead, SSgt Trecee Grant, in concert with the AGA lead, was working hard to bring us another exceptional event.  I am so appreciative of SSgt Grant’s efforts despite the outcome.  Please thank her if you get the chance!  Going forward, it is unlikely we will be able to continue our monthly luncheons over the next several months given the Governor’s stay at home order.  However, your local and national ASMC executive teams are exploring alternate ways to bring you professional development opportunities.  I will reach out if/when we are able to make this happen.

With regard to community service, we are required to have five community service events each year to have a good year in terms of achieving five-star chapter status which is a goal we strive for each year.  So far this year, we have accomplished three community service activities:  the back to school drive, the holiday stockings, and our adopt-a-family for the holiday event.  A big thanks to all of you who contributed to these efforts so generously!  We are making a difference in our community.  Going forward, the COVID-19 environment provides opportunities ripe for continued community service on our part.  Your executive team is working diligently to put some safe and socially-distanced plans together to accomplish two more events.  Stay tuned for additional details; we need your continued support!

In better news, our local boards met and selected both our Hampton Roads annual award and scholarship winners.

HR ASMC Annual Award Winners

Jaye Simpson Accounting/Finance Individual Coast Guard
Dana Holmes Auditing Individual Coast Guard
Weldon Hobbs Budgeting Individual Air Force
Sandra Branner Resource Management Individual Army
Jaye Simpson Transportation Team Small Team Coast Guard
Candace Mianulli Internal Control Team Large Team Coast Guard

 HR ASMC Scholarship Winners

Karmina Buensuceso, Kempsville HS, Virginia Beach – 1st Place – $2,000

Makayla Harvey, Kempsville HS, Virginia Beach – 2nd Place – $1,500

Megan Geith, Kecoughtan HS, Hampton – 3rd Place – $1,000

Lauren Oliver, Smithfield HS, Smithfield – 4th Place – $500

Emily Ann Pryce, Cox HS, Virginia Beach – 4th Place – $500

Bonnie Yang, Smithfield HS, Smithfield – 4th Place – $500

Grace Lysek, New Kent HS, New Kent County – 4th Place – $500

Congratulations to all our winners!  Both the annual award winners and the first and second place scholarship winners were forwarded to national for further competition.  We normally recognize our winners at the June turnover luncheon but this being an abnormal year, it is unlikely we will get that opportunity.  We will find another way to get them their plaque/check.  In the meantime, if you know any of these folks, reach out and congratulate them!

Speaking of the turnover lunch, the Navy will be taking the reins from the Air Force starting 1 July.  If you are interested in serving on the Navy’s team, contact Ms. Beth Long at lillie.long@navy.mil.  The other Services will assist the Navy in a supporting role.  If you are Coast Guard, Army, or Air Force, reach out to the current service-specific VP (listed below) to see how you can get involved in the upcoming year.  It takes a few handfuls of dedicated folks to pull off a successful year.  As a plug, ASMC involvement increases professional networking opportunities, looks good on resumes, and provides leadership opportunities you may not get in the workplace.

Service VPs

Ms. Uliana Isbell, Coast Guard, uliana.a.isbell@uscg.mil

Ms. Audra Lemme, Army, audra.a.lemme.civ@mail.mil

SSgt Trecee Grant, Air Force, trecee.grant@us.af.mil

In closing, this is not exactly how I anticipated this year to go but rolling with the punches is how we remain resilient and ready for the next challenge.  I wish you all happiness and health over the next few weeks as we continue to learn more and navigate this new normal.  I am honored to be your President and serve with you.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions and/or concerns.

Kathy Day

President, Hampton Roads ASMC

The 2020 Joint ASMC & AGA PDT is Canceled

AGA Virginia Peninsula and ASMC Hampton Roads members,


After much thought and consideration given the current COVID-19 concerns, we have decided to cease planning efforts for our Joint AGA/ASMC Professional Development Training event scheduled for 25-26 March at the Hampton Marina Hotel.  It is unknown at this time if we will be able to reschedule for later this calendar year.  The safety of our members remains our highest priority.


If you have already registered and paid, you can seek a refund via https://www.123signup.com/event?id=rnzny.

If you have any questions regarding your refund, please email agavapen@gmail.com.


If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your specific chapter president.


Respectfully signed,



Joe Baptiste                                                                    Kathy Day

President, AGA Virginia Peninsula                            President, Hampton Roads ASMC

Mobile:  1-757-546-4741                                            757-764-3112; DSN 574-3112

joe.baptiste@ey.com                                                   kathleen.day@us.af.mil

McKinley Advisors Email Survey

Greetings ASMC Chapter Members,

ASMC is currently running a survey through McKinley Advisors. ASMC Members are encouraged to check their email for a survey from McKinley Advisors. By doing the survey, participants are to provide feedback on how we’re doing. People who respond have a chance to win $20 in VISA gift cards, and the three chapters with the highest participation rates can win gifts of $600, $400, and $200.

Extended Deadline for Elsie Steffany Memorial Scholarship Award

The deadline for the Elsie Steffany Memorial Scholarship Award has been extended to February 29, 2020! This scholarship is available for competition among those of you who are DoD and USCG members of ASMC and who do not currently hold the CDFM credential. To memorialize the service of Ms. Elsie Steffany, who passed away as a result of a tragic accident on 1 June 2018 during our National PDI, the award winner will be presented at PDI 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Elsie Steffany was a GS-15 employee of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller). A member of our ASMC Washington Chapter, she was also a Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) and participated in activities of our Redstone-Huntsville Chapter in Alabama, while on temporary assignment at Headquarters, Army Materiel Command.

Following are details developed and approved by the committee and the Board regarding the composition of the Elsie Steffany Memorial Scholarship Award, eligibility, nomination process, and timelines

Award Composition
The scholarship award will cover the following costs:

*       Enrollment for two years as a candidate in the ASMC Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) program
*       CDFM Textbook
*       Participation in one Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (subject to course availability and approval of the awardee’s organization)
*       Three exams (one each for CDFM Module 1, Module 2, and Module 3)
*       Registration to attend (subject to the approval of the awardee’s organization) the annual ASMC National PDI, in which the scholarship award will be presented


ASMC members, who do not possess the CDFM credential and are assigned to the Department of Defense or the US Coast Guard, may apply for the scholarship award.

Scholarship Award Application Requirements

Applicants for the Elsie Steffany Memorial Scholarship Award must submit not later 29 February 2020 a one-page paper, consisting of two or three paragraphs, limited to a total of no more than 600 words on the page, addressing the two questions below, using single-spaced Times New Roman, 11 size font. The application must also include a cover page including the applicant’s name, organization, work email address, and ASMC chapter.

*       Why is public service in defense financial management important to you?
*       Why is professional development and the pursuit of the CDFM certificate important to you?

Scholarship Award Nomination Process

Each ASMC chapter president may submit only one nomination to ASMC HQ, among the applications submitted at the chapter level and evaluated by the chapter. ASMC HQ is not prescribing the specific methodology for evaluation of applications submitted at chapter level; however, we recommend that either the Chapter Officers (Board) or a chapter scholarship committee review the applications and determine the individual nomination to be submitted to ASMC HQ as the chapter’s nominee for the scholarship.

The chapter will have one month (1 – 31 March 2020) to review individual nominations and determine the chapter’s nominee for the scholarship award. Once the chapter’s nominee is determined, the chapter president (or their designee) must submit the nominee’s application via the ASMC National Awards System to ASMC HQ NLT 31 March 2020. Chapters may not edit, add to, or otherwise embellish individual applications.


*       1 February – 29 February 2020: Eligible applicants may submit Elsie Steffany Scholarship Award applications to the ASMC chapter POC designated by the chapter president
*       1 – 16 March 2020: ASMC Chapters evaluate applications received
*       16 March 2020: Deadline for submission of chapter nominee to ASMC HQ (chapters may submit their individual nomination application anytime during February, or the period 1-16 March 2020; however, once submitted, it may not be revised.)
*       16 – 31 March 2020: Elsie Steffany Memorial Scholarship Award Committee evaluates applications and selects the award recipient
*       6 April 2020: ASMC HQ notifies chapter presidents of Elsie Steffany Scholarship Award Recipient
*       April 2020: ASMC HQ notifies ASMC membership of Elsie Steffany Scholarship Award recipient via ASMC Website and “Engage”
*       April 2020: ASMC HQ works with award recipient and their organization to ensure the recipient’s participation in PDI 2020.

For more information, read the rules here. bit.ly/2OqBgBa < Caution-https://bit.ly/2GSzCE9 >Extended Deadline for Elsie Steffany Memorial Scholarship Award

ASMC February 2020 LUNCHEON

It’s time for our monthly ASMC Luncheon.

Speaker: LCDR Paul Simpson from Financial Management and Procurement Services, Business Process Re-engineering.

Topic:    “Organizational Change Management”

Date:    Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Time:    11:30 am

Place: United Coast Guard Base Portsmouth
4000 Coast Guard Blvd, Portsmouth, VA

RSVP: NLT than February 25th to Uliana at uliana.a.isbell@uscg.mil

Please see flyer for more details.

ASMC FEBRUARY 2020 Luncheon Flyer


Please come out and network with ASMC HRC & AGA

Speaker: Special Agent Teena Hartsoe, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command

Topic:    “Procurement Fraud

Date:    Thursday, 16 January 2020

Time:    11:30 am

Place: Fort Eustis Club  ($13.00 lunch buffet)
2123 Pershing Ave. Fort Eustis, VA 23604

RSVP: NLT than January 14th to Tanya Gilliam at tanya.l.gilliam.civ@mail.mil

Please see flyer for more details. ASMC & AGA Joint January 2020 Luncheon

ASMC HRC Salvation Army Stockings & Gifts

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Salvation Army Stockings and Local Families.